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# Education & Health

Help Provide Tuition & School supplies in Liberia

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Ri’ayah Foundation
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Multiple Projects
  • Education
  • Hunger & Nutrition
  • Health & Food
  • Girl Empowerment
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HELPING others is why we exist.

Mission Statement

To empower vulnerable children in Liberia by providing them with access to a high standard of education, healthcare, good nutrition and much-needed inspiration and motivation to improve the quality of their lives and ensure that they live happier, healthier lives and are able to realize their full potential.

Our Vision

Developing leaders for a better tomorrow

Resolved to Help

Ri’ayah means care. It defines us.

The best from amongst you is he/she who benefits the rest of mankind - Muhammad (SAW)

The Ri’ayah Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Our primary goal is to provide food, healthcare, and education to people who are deprived of these necessities. Our current focus is on the people of Liberia, whose lives have been devastated by years of civil war, disease, and increasing poverty. We are a group of concerned individuals who want to make a difference in the world we live in. Based in Lansdale, PA, we have 10 employees and volunteers currently working in schools, health facilities and rural communities in Liberia.

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What We Do!

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Current Focus

Why Liberia?

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Understanding the

Ri’ayah Manifesto

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Project Ramadan

Ri’ayah Foundation

EVERYTHING we do is to benefit OTHERS

With your participations and donations, we will help children get the education they deserve through motivation and inspiration while providing them with nutrition and health care. Our project consists of different phases that we wish to accomplish over the years as we work to better the lives of the people in Liberia.






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Families Impacted

Ri’ayah means care. It defines us

Ri’ayah Foundation Projects

Empowerment of Girls
Leadership Development


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DONATE TO THIS CAUSE Children standing on street corners begging…

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P.O Box 1714 Lansdale, PA 19446